About Milagro

Welcome to Milagro Turquoise & Co! My name is Myelia (My-Ella) I am a part time Texan, part-time New Mexican but full-time turquoise addict! I grew up in southern New Mexico my entire life until I moved to Midland, TX after graduating from New Mexico State University. You can find me on the weekends driving somewhere with my side kick Trout to help my family on the ranch or feeding cows with my fiancé Trey. Oh, and hunting for more turquoise: I spend lots of time shopping and taking pictures! My parents started my Native American jewelry collection at a young age. Every year for my birthday and Christmas I could count on a new piece of jewelry to add to my collection. I remember getting my ears pierced when I was 13 but my dad didn’t like the little diamond studs. On the way to the ranch to put out feed we stopped in Alamogordo, while we were there I picked out a new pair of Zuni Sunface studs and then proceeded to spend 30 minutes trying to get them in my ears! My parents loved going to Santa Fe, meeting the artists on the square and supporting them. We would stand in the hot sun listening to my parents talk for hours about the history and heritage that makes Native American jewelry so special and unique. Listening to the stories and learning about the Native American culture was one of my favorite memories growing up. I started selling jewelry from my collection in college when it became really popular. I knew good places to shop and artists that could supply a couple pieces at a time: just enough to work around my college kid budget! With so many great turquoise dealers out there, I was hesitant to start Milagro. After a little convincing from my dad and waking up in the middle of the night with the name Milagro Turquoise & Co on my heart, I knew it was time to start. After that, I went on my first Turquoise trip, purchased a few pieces, and the rest is history. Buying jewelry was a sentimental and special experience for me and it brings me so much joy to share that with others. I take pride in working with the artists directly, even picking out the stones myself, to bring a unique and personal touch to every piece. Sitting in a shop staring at trays of stones brings me so much happiness and just fills my heart. I love drawing out the ideas in my head and seeing them come to life when I get the creation in the mail a couple weeks later! It feels like Christmas comes every couple of weeks! I also run across signature pieces while I’m in these artists’ shops that they put so many hours into with distinctive styles that have been passed down from one generation to the next. My hope is that each piece brings a spark of joy with so many memories and generations to come!